What are they?

Influencer videos are custom-created content pieces featuring social media influencers who use their credibility and audience reach to promote your brand. These videos blend the influencers’ personal touch with your brand’s message, delivering content that feels both authentic and engaging.

Purpose of social media videos?

The goal of influencer videos is to leverage the trust that influencers have built with their followers to enhance brand visibility, credibility, and audience engagement. These videos are designed to convert an influencer’s audience into your customers by tapping into the influencer’s persuasive power.

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When to Use a Social Media Video?

  • Product Launches

    Introduce new products with the endorsement of trusted influencers to capture attention and stimulate interest.

  • Brand Awareness Campaigns

    Expand your reach and imprint your brand in the minds of new audience segments.

  • Special Promotions

    Boost the impact of time-limited offers and promotions through influencer reach.

  • Event Highlights

    Amplify event visibility and engage both attendees and those unable to attend.

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Project Scope


The optimal length for an influencer video typically ranges from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. The duration depends on the complexity of your content and the engagement habits of your audience. We will guide you in choosing the right length to keep your message impactful and engaging.


Standard production time for an influencer video is 3–4 weeks. This timeline can be adjusted to accommodate rush requests or ongoing multi-video campaigns, depending on your team’s availability and the specific requirements of the project.


The cost of producing an influencer video varies based on several factors including the influencer’s fees, production complexity, and specific requirements. We provide custom quotes to ensure transparency and fit within your budget constraints. Contact us for a detailed pricing structure based on your unique project needs.

Our Simple Process

  • Concept Development: We start by understanding your brand’s goals and messaging, then develop a video concept that aligns with your objectives and resonates with the influencer’s audience.
  • Production Planning: We coordinate all aspects of production, from scripting to scheduling with the influencer, ensuring everything is set for a smooth filming process.
  • Execution & Review: Our team oversees the filming and editing, ensuring high-quality production standards. We then present the video for your feedback and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Delivery & Launch: Once finalized, the video is delivered in your preferred format and we provide support for its integration and launch across your chosen platforms.

Our streamlined process ensures that from initial concept to final delivery, your influencer video is crafted to engage viewers, amplify your brand, and achieve your strategic objectives effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time will it take to create a video?

    To produce a perfect video, companies take 2-4 weeks on average. But the turn-around time may increase or decrease as per the project requirements and editing.

  • How much does a video cost?

    Most organizations charge for videos on the basis of time, style, sound/video effects, and video requirements. But, on average, the cost of videos ranges from $350–$2,500. per finished minute.

  • What are the best ways to promote your videos?

    Take a rundown on the best 5 ways to promote video content.

    • Start a video campaign on social platforms like Facebook or Twitter
    • Never forget to add a share button on your video
    • Incorporate videos in your email marketing
    • Ask more people to share
    • Never forget to optimize your video thumbnail image
  • What are some amazing tips that help you make an effective and profitable video?

    Here are 5 amazing tips that will help you grab visitor's attention and generate more sales:

    • Keep your video flexible and brief
    • Make sure you use clear language and unique ideas
    • Always create videos by understanding the limitations
    • Use engaging visuals and characters, and many more
  • What are the terms of payment?

    We require a 50% deposit for your project to get started and the remaining 50% is due upon project completion.

  • Which type of brand video is the right fit for your company?

    Here are some types of commercial videos that help you boost your business productivity:

    • Demo
    • Tutorial
    • Training/Education
    • Broadcast commercial
    • Internet commercial
    • Testimonial
    • Explainer
  • Why does the video take so much time to create?

    Our eight-step process helps us make everlasting videos.

    The process includes:

    • Requirement Gathering:Understanding your marketing requirements
    • Strategize the process:Analyzing the concept and planning the strategy
    • Story Writing: Preparing a script for the video
    • Video Making:Initialize with the sketching of a storyboard, drawing the illustrator
    • Voiceover:Record the voice-over based on your specific instructions regarding tone, intonation, and modulation.
    • Final Stage of Video making: After completing the voice-over process; our video-making will animate the illustrations
    • Adding the SFX and VFX: To enhance the quality of the video we add SFX & VFX it's just a final touchup.
  • Do we provide you with a script or concept?

    Yes, we do. We help you out from scratch. Just give us an idea and your marketing objectives, and we will create a story out of it.
    We start by providing you with multiple approaches for the video. Once you confirm one of the approaches, we share multiple concepts with you.

    After confirming one of the concepts, we move forward to the storyline. Once the storyline is confirmed, we provide you with a draft of the script. After the necessary edits, we provide you with a final script.

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