Over the past few years, the hospitality industry has experienced tremendous expansion; however, owners of hotels are now bracing themselves for more challenging times. Revenue per available room has started to decline, and certain areas that are seen as indicators of industry performance have seen drops due to the addition of extra capacity through construction done during the growth period.

At the same time, digital technology is transforming the industry. Smartphones are giving guests a better, quicker way to make bookings, but this has also caused a problem as online travel agents such as Expedia and Booking.com are both suppliers of bookings and competitors to hotels in terms of profits and brand loyalty. The same can be said of credit card companies, as they strive to build loyalty programs between the guest and the hotel brand.

That future is more uncertain than ever, and travel, hospitality, and leisure companies need leaders to navigate this complexity. But finding that talent is more complex and more competitive than ever.

Our hotel & hospitality consulting services are uniquely suited to help companies thrive amidst the current talent-related challenges. Our dedicated, experienced consultants have real-world, functional experience and knowledge in travel, hospitality, and leisure. That means we deeply understand the talent, processes and organizational structures you need to get ahead.

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Investing in proven video marketing strategies that will excite and engage your target audience.

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Video Marketing Services

  • Brand Video

    Social proof is the greatest influencer, and personal branding videos empower you to show off the incredible person behind the camera.


  • Product Video

    We will help you put your best foot forward with a lasting “first impression”.


  • Explainer Video

    Show your audience what you do using a simple-to-understand, animated demonstration that explains your services.


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    An effective corporate video allows people to connect to your brand, vision, and mission; while giving a personal touch with a lasting impact.


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Management Consulting Services

  • Brand Strategy

    A brand isn’t static. Its performance changes over time as consumer preferences shift, new channels appear and competition piles into the market.


  • Culture Transformation

    Culture is your organization’s DNA. It’s deeply embedded in your people’s values, assumptions, behaviors and attitudes. It’s the glue that makes your company unique.


  • Leadership Development

    Developing agile leaders who can navigate their teams through change


  • Performance Improvement

    A strong focus on cost competitiveness and operational performance is essential to remaining relevant and competing in the new economy.


  • Channel Strategy

    Make the most of your channels to market by being in the right places in the optimal way.


  • Customer Experience

    Increase customer traction by providing the seamless experience they want.


  • Marketing Strategy

    Speak to the right customers in the right way at the right time.


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Helping leaders manage change, navigate complexity and unlock value in turbulent times. We can assist you choosing the right next steps in your journey.

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